Purge Project: The Trailhead

Hello hello!  Welcome to my humble blog dedicated to my journey of combating what I’ve decided to call “stuffism”.

Stuffism /stəf izəm/ : the act or practice of obtaining and storing material goods; a modern movement lead by excessive and senseless consumerism.

Let me clarify that I’m by no means an expert on this (or anything really) and I have no idea what will become of this “purge project”.  All I know is that this is the journey I’m on, and amidst the challenges, I anticipate experiencing several small victories. I’m determined and committed.

This is about more than having a clean closet.  This is about mental and spiritual growth.  It’s about becoming the kind of parent that I want my child to be around.  It’s about confronting myself, my habits and ways of thinking.  It’s about digging deeper, inner peace and true lasting happiness.  You get the picture.

I’ve always been incredibly interested in and inspired by the concept of “living small“.  How much STUFF does one person need?  Does STUFF equal happiness?  Everyone naturally wants to say “no” to that second question… But if we’re honest with ourselves, do we really BELIEVE it?  Because as far as the market’s concerned, we definitely think buying more stuff will make us happier.

The constant desire to WANT is so deeply ingrained into our brain-washed minds that we don’t even realize we’ve lost ourselves in the massive crashing waves of consumerism.  Everything needs to be bigger, better, faster, newer.  We’re all walking around looking like the emoji with heart eyes like, “Oooh. I need that.”  No, no, you really don’t.

*looks around, lowers arms and steps off soapbox*

I don’t want this first post to be too long, so let me cut to the chase.

I was inspired a few months ago by a blogger I follow.  She posted a guide on how her family of 5 lives comfortably in a 2 bedroom New York City apartment.  A family of 5!  She’s talked about owning less, donating to Goodwill often, smart ways to store items, and more.  Her post got me thinking… Maybe, just maybe I don’t need all the stuff I own.  Maybe I could simplify my lifestyle, resist the urge to purchase things constantly, be smarter with my money and my living space, have less clutter and more organization… What’s the point of having so much stuff anyway?  It all turns to dust in the end.

So this is the trailhead.  You’re welcome to join me on this hike!  It won’t always be easy, but I assure you the views will be worth it in the end. 🙂

Photo Source: http://www.sizemoreoutdoors.com/hiking/fire-creek-rim-trail/attachment/img_06468/


4 thoughts on “Purge Project: The Trailhead

  1. Jordan Roberson says:

    The caveat for me: “just think about all the money I’ll save by not buying stuff!” …what am I going to do with all the extra cash? Buy a car? A house? A bigger “stuff”?

    1) Maybe some “stuff” is worth it
    2) Maybe my motives are impure
    3) But really what do I do with the extra $?
    4) I work hard so I’m not giving it all away
    5) Spend it on experiences?
    6) Should I focus on not buying stuff, or should I focus on buying the right things (like vacations, concerts, experiences)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • 20mugs says:

      Hi Jordan! Those are most of the questions I’m asking myself, and matters I want to tackle with this project! I hope you’ll continue to participate, I love hearing your thoughts!


  2. Suzanne Speed says:

    Great blog! I’m cleaning out closets this week and am amazed at the stuff I forget I even have and wonder why on earth I kept it! For me, being an empty nester, I have a sentimental tendency not to want to throw anything away that my now grown kids once used. I realized I’m keeping stuff they probably don’t even remember or will ever want or need…so what I did was get 3 large plastic storage bins and filled them with special keepsakes, some cool old toys/games, and a few choice pieces of clothes that they can possibly pass on to their kids as vintage stuff, and donated the rest to ARC. The bins are stackable and easy to tuck away and keeps the items protected so it’s been great. Keep up the good work with your blog!


    • 20mugs says:

      Thank you much, Suzanne!! 😊 What you’ve done sounds FANTASTIC! Keeping them in stackable bins is a great way to keep them tucked away, organized and protected. A lot of people have sentimental reasons they keep the stuff they own, it’s definitely NOT easy to say goodbye FOREVER. Items that can be passed on to grandchildren and great-children are so special. ❤️

      Thank you for your support! XO


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