Why “20 mugs”? 

In my last post, I mentioned a blogger who inspired me to take on this purge project.  I should clarify that what I meant was I felt inspired to take things to the next level and actually consider minimalism as a lifestyle while documenting the journey.

Purging actually isn’t anything new to me.  I’d say at least a few times a year, frustration sends me on a bit of a rampage to make space, both physical and mental.  I know some people can operate in chaos but I’ve never been one of them.  It’s hard for me to think when there’s so much clutter, so it’s a priority for me to keep my living space decently organized.  Of course, there are times when I realized I’ve failed at doing so (hence the quarterly purging episodes) and it’s even harder to maintain now that we have a baby, but I try.  In fact, maybe it’s the fact that I’m a mom now that I’ve chosen this new venture.

I truly believe that material things are just blinks of happiness. They can bring joy, but it doesn’t usually last.  In the end, I know that what we own isn’t what matters most. What matters most are the relationships you have, the experiences from which you’ve grown, the people with whom you’ve laughed, cried, shared an adventure… Or a secret… Or even just a pizza.

This is what I want to teach my son… that what we spend our time and money on essentially reflects our truest selves… and that the things we own define our lives on a deeper level than we realize.  If we viewed the things we purchase as not items we own, but items that own us, we might find ourselves feeling a little embarrassed. (I’m speaking mainly about American society, as I don’t have much first hand experience with consumerism in other cultures.)

Now I’m NOT saying we shouldn’t buy anything, that would be silly. And I’m NOT trying to bash anyone’s lifestyle (I really hope it doesn’t come across that way.)  I do think we as a society should consider changing our ways a bit, but this mainly about my own journey, and if anyone wants to join me, I would love some companions! 😉  What I’m saying is we should be more conscious about what we fill our homes and lives with.

Let’s now get to the title of this post…

About a month ago, after the initial inspiration, I decided to embark on my biggest purge excursion to date!  I’m talking major overhaul, none of that measly “one grocery bag full of random knick-knacks” business.  I felt like a volcano, lava bubbling angerly beneath the surface, about to erupt. Or maybe this was the eruption.

Around this time, I found myself in my usual habitat, surrounded by laundry baskets full of clothes than needed to be washed, folded and put away (seriously THE worst chore of them all.)  For the umpteenth time, I asked myself, How can two people and a baby constantly have so much laundry?

The train of thoughts didn’t stop there.

If we didn’t have so much, I wouldn’t be so frustrated. 

If we didn’t have so much, I wouldn’t have to spend as much time cleaning and organizing. 

If we didn’t have so much, *GASP* I could do things that I actually like doing! 
Do we even NEED everything in this house? Heck… Do we even WANT everything in this house? 

And so on and so on. I couldn’t stop my mind at this point and so while the momentum was there, I made the official announcement to Mitch and went to work.

I grabbed some garbage bags and with a very realistic attitude, I tackled my closet. The dresser. The pantry. The dish cupboard… THE DISH CUPBOARD.

I’m the only person in this house who drinks coffee, tea, or any hot beverage for that matter. WHY DO I HAVE MORE THAN 20 MUGS??

Clink clink clank. One by one, I placed them into a box for Goodwill. It was both a laughable and liberating experience.  Sure, I liked those mugs, in fact I probably kept more than I should have, but I bid farewell to about a dozen of them. And you gotta start somewhere.

And so there you have it. 20 mugs.

amatuerly illustrated by me



2 thoughts on “Why “20 mugs”? 

  1. Jacqui Arslan says:

    i love you so much!! I LOvE this! Shane and I live in suh a tiny place that we experience the same type of thing. It baffles me how quickly we accumulate so much STUfF. I guess I will do the purge when we finally move into a place of our own…. I’m afraid to throw stuff out while I don’t know what we may need when we leave!!… Eeek


    • 20mugs says:

      I love you too!! :))) It’s so crazy how fast the stuff accumulates! And it’s especially hard when you live in a small place! I definitely understand not purging until you move. I try to purge every time we move and yet somehow I still end up taking WAY too much stuff LOL.


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