ReThink: Holiday Shopping // PART II

Another Black Friday has come and passed.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to shop on that day.   I hate going to the mall on a regular ol’ Saturday, so you will most definitely not catch me out and about on the wildest day of the retail year.

I stood in my mother-in-law’s kitchen that morning, drinking a cup of coffee and watching the news channel cover the annual in-store fighting.  I felt sick to my stomach, and so disappointed in these supposedly domesticated adults behaving like feral animals, clawing at each other over TVs and Jedi Master Lightsabers. It’s beyond disheartening that these people had just spent the day before being thankful for everything they have in life, just to turn around and trample that gratitude, determined to buy all this stuff that no one really needs.

I refuse.

I refuse to be a part of a movement that is poisoning our society.  Consumerism consumes us.  When will we realize we are slaves to a monster?

I refuse to allow my mind to place so many items in the NEED category. This is definitely challenging for me.  Mitch and I were at Target the other day, and I found myself explaining to him that I really NEEDED that black felt hat. (What a boldface lie!)  I’m striving to really differentiate my wants and needs so that I don’t fall into the trap of mindless purchasing that I was once in.  An honest evaluation of our Wants vs. Needs can and should be done, not only during holiday season, but throughout the year.

I refuse to accept that Christmas is a time that Mitch and I will be broke because of all the shopping we have to do.  I’ve seen people post memes online about this sort of thing and it makes me so sad.  It really doesn’t have to be this way, and it shouldn’t.

I refuse to let materialism trump love, family, and all the other things that really matter more.  I love giving gifts, and there are so many cool gift options out there, but I think we need to be more thoughtful about our purchases, and realize that there are other ways to spread love and holiday cheer.  (This might be a good topic for another blog.)

I said it in my last post, but I want to encourage you to join me: Let’s reclaim what it means to celebrate the holidays.   Let’s resist stuffism and instead embrace simplicity.  Let’s make this world a better place, you and me – all of us together.  We can do it.

I believe.

BOb hope




2 thoughts on “ReThink: Holiday Shopping // PART II

  1. Vicky says:

    Several years ago Jeff and I, along with my next door cousins chose to stop giving each other gifts at Christmas. There are times I find something that screams one of their names, but I resist. On Christmas Eve when we are all together and having a wonderful time just being together, I am more thankful than ever that I was born into an amazing family who can appreciate each other and celebrate the real meaning of the holiday.

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