Embrace a Minimalist Christmas Spirit

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and researching what other minimalists do about Christmas, and I stumbled across several great articles and blogs.  (Thank you, Internet!!)

Laura of SimplyClearly.com posted an article that I found really helpful, which I want to share with you below…

I hope this inspires you!  



While I truly enjoy giving people gifts and I appreciate the idea behind gift giving, our culture has certainly gotten out of hand with the excessiveness at Christmas, not to mention just in general.

In 2013, over the four-day span of Thanksgiving Day through Black Friday weekend, consumers in the U.S. spent 57.4 billion dollars. That averaged out to $407 per person according to Bloomberg. Compare that with the fact that the average household credit card debt in America is already at$7,274, and we can see why Christmas can be a stressful time, leading to even more debt for many already financially stressed households. One of the many things I love about minimalism is the focus on people, not things, and this mindset is especially wonderful around the holidays when most people feel pressured to buy more ‘stuff’ as an indicator of their love for their family and friends. If you are feeling this pressure, perhaps you can relieve yourself of it by embracing the idea of less is more this holiday season, and the idea that the holidays are about people, not things.

Enter…the Minimalist Christmas Spirit…

-Enjoying time with family and friends

-Helping those in need through coat and food drives

-Singing Christmas carols

-Baking sugar cookies and orange cranberry loaves and taking them to neighbors and friends

-Driving around looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights

-Homemade gifts and well thought out experiences to share

-Simpler holiday meals that won’t leave you feeling over stuffed

-Putting up a Christmas tree and stockings

-Watching the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve with the children

-Enjoying a warm fire and hot cocoa

-Watching Polar Express ,Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas

-A few carefully selected gifts that will bring great benefit and use

If you are here reading this, you probably already agree with the minimalist lifestyle and mindset, at least a little. If this is new to you, welcome, and I truly hope you get into the Minimalist Christmas Spirit. For me, it is focusing on my loved ones and those in need, filling the time we spend together with wonderful memories.

With all that being said, there is still the gift-giving side of Christmas to consider. I LOVE giving gifts to people. Especially gifts that I know they will appreciate, use and will make life a richer experience for them. Below is a list I have compiled that I hope will help you have a more minimalistic, less cluttered, and less financially stressful Christmas, but still fulfill your desires to give gifts to those you love.

Click HERE to read Laura’s list… Great gift ideas for kids and adults!


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