Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

We’re coming up on Christmas quickly, and life is pretty busy as I imagine it is for most of you, so let’s cut to the chase.

I never realized how thoughtless I’ve been in past years, shopping for people on my list.  I’d go to the mall, Target, wherever, typically thinking of one of these thoughts:

“Ooh!  That’s cool.  Who could I get that for?”  

“Oh, that reminds me so much of so-and-so! I have to get it.”

OR the worst of them all:
“Oh my gosh, I still don’t have anything for so-and-so… I need to find something – ANYTHING! I’m running out of tiiiiime! AHHH!!”

Sure, maybe the person will appreciate the notion.  Maybe they’ll even LOVE the gift!  BUT in the end, physical gifts are still just STUFF.  I think a lot of stress can be avoided by simplifying, and a lot of joy can be experienced by thinking things through a little more.


  • Think about what your loved ones are passionate about.
  • Think beyond the tangible.
  • Think about memories.
  • Think about WHAT TRULY MATTERS.
  • Think about other people’s lives… the less fortunate.
  • Think about the earth.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and think about these things BEFORE you head out to the store… And definitely BEFORE you start mindlessly piling stuff into your Target carts (novelty gifts and needless stocking stuffers – they’ll getcha!) As you stroll the mall, or surf the internet, resist impulsiveness and buying just to buy.

I’m not saying you always have to give something practical.  I’m just saying we should put a little more heart into the process.  This is the only way we will be able to give each other gifts that truly mean something.

Here are some practical ways you can be more thoughtful this Christmas:

Give gifts that support good causes:

Give a handmade gift  (Even if you don’t consider yourself ‘crafty’, just look and see if there’s something you might be able to do! You might be surprised!)

Give an experience (tickets to a show, museum membership, hot air balloon ride, massage, cooking class, etc.)

Give something consumable (beer, wine, chocolate, coffee!)

There are tons of options out there.  NEED MORE IDEAS???

–> Click HERE for the Ultimate Clutter-Free Gift Guide!  <–







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