Here’s to the New Year

And just like that, another year has past. 2016, wow. I was sure we’d be living like the Jetsons by now! Space cars, moving walkways throughout the house, Roses cleaning up after all of us and feeding our dogs. Alas, we have a little more waiting ahead for those days.

With a new year approaching, I wanted to look back and give thanks for everything the past year has brought my life. In addition to my beautiful and irreplaceable family and friends, I’ve experienced a level of personal growth this year that I’m particularly proud of. With my first year of motherhood and our family’s move to another state, this year tested my character beyond what I thought I’d be able to handle. I didn’t feel particularly resilient and at times I was sure I would break at the hands of the imminent stress that comes along with huge life changes. But with each adventure came growth, strength, and broadened perspectives. The following things are things I learned this past year to some extent (meaning I may still have a ways to go in certain areas, but I’ve gotten better, and that’s a start!)

In 2015…

I learned the importance of prayer and meditation.

I learned about sacrifice and the love of a mother.

I learned how to give both myself and others grace (I hope I did at least. I guess Mitch would be one to ask about the “grace to others” part.)

I learned to live authentically to who I am and not fear judgment of other people.

I learned to trust my instincts.

I learned about the freedom and vulnerability in chopping off my long hair, gradually reaching the fun (and scary!) length of a traditional pixie cut. This one goes beyond the change in physical appearance. I learned how to live with nothing to hide behind, how to accept my flaws.

I learned to take pressure off myself.

I learned to say no.

I learned to say yes.

I learned to ask for help.

I learned silly songs to entertain my son.

I learned to take time for creative projects that fuel me.

And of course, through my 20mugs journey, I learned about owning and wanting less, and about the abundant “more” that life has to offer.

As we come upon the impending new year, we are faced with a myriad of opportunities…

Opportunities to spread love, promote peace, create art, make music, grow plants, and help others…

Opportunities to laugh, forgive, challenge our minds, feed our souls, and experience the deepest kind of beauty…

Opportunities to want less, and to be more.

Consider taking some time this week to set a few goals for 2016. Ask yourself not what you want to DO this year, but rather who you want to BE? What steps should you take to help you become that person? What commitments will you make to bring more joy and peace to your life, and to the lives of others? What do you want to learn?

I wish you all a truly happy New Year, one full of all the best things that money can’t buy.




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