A Resolution to Keep!

It’s that time again! As we welcome the new year, most of us are probably thinking about how to make this coming year better than the last. There are so many goals waiting to be achieved! Maybe you’d like to buy a house. Maybe you want to start a business. Maybe you plan to go back to school. Maybe you’re finally going to write “that book”. Whatever your goals are for 2017, I’d like to suggest one more:


When I use this word, I use it broadly. Only you know what that means for your life, so do with it what you will – but do something.

– Some of you should clean out your closet, your garage, your pantry, your file cabinet.

– Some of you should focus less on making money and more on making memories with your friends and family.

– Some of you should scale back on all the junk (Junk food, junk TV, anything that brings temporary satisfaction and long-term damage.)

– Some of you need to clear out the toxic relationships in your life, and surround yourself with more positivity, even if that means fewer people.

– Some of you need to make a change that will make your life richer (not in a monetary way.) 

There are so many ways to simplify.  When it comes to my own personal life, here’s what I plan to do in 2017:

  • I plan to simplify our belongings (again.) Since Fox received a good number of new toys and books for Christmas, I plan to go through his older toys and books to see which ones are ripe for donation. I’ve already set up a Toy/Book Swap Party with my local mom group. These things are a huge hit! I probably won’t take much (if anything) from the swap unless I really feel like we could benefit from it, but it’ll be nice to see some of our gently used items go home with friends. 🙂 Anything that’s leftover from the event will be donated to charity.  

MORE ABOUT TOYS: I’m a firm believer in keeping the toys and books situation in our house MANAGEABLE. I’ve found this to mean that Fox doesn’t have as much as most kids. (That’s okay with us.) Miraculously, I’ve also discovered that I can successfully babysit my friends’ kids without them feeling bored. In fact, all the kids I’ve watched love coming over to play at our tiny little apartment. Happiness isn’t about how much you have. Even children know that.  

  • I plan to simplify my expectations. What I mean by this is I plan to let stress have LESS power over my mind. So often I find myself in cahoots about something that is, at the end of the day, pretty trivial, and I allow my stress levels to increase, which results in me having to spend precious minutes of my day dealing with unnecessary disappointment and anger. This is a very wordy way of saying I need to take a chill pill, and realize that the world will not crumble if things don’t go my way… If the dishes go undone… If the laundry piles up (yes, even though I’ve done a few purges, we can somehow still create piles of laundry. That’s a blog for another day.) I’m the kind of person who is always working on something, and as much as I thrive on keeping busy and productive, I realize that I could stand to put less pressure on myself.  

I want 2017 to be a year of Inner Tranquility. I want to be okay with the fact that things always seem to be unfinished. After all, we are all works in progress. Here are my commitments for 2017, feel free to claim them as yours too!

    1. I will embrace the loose ends of life this year.
    2. I will laugh at times that would normally make me grit my teeth.
    3. I will exhale negativity and inhale the goodness that surrounds me.  
    4. I will show more grace and mercy to myself and others.
    5. I will remember that we only have so much time.

    I wish you all a fantastic 2017. May it be a year that fills your life with simple joys, your heart with gratitude, and your eyes with happy tears.  




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